2021 Allocation Teams

Allocation Process Overview

The United Way of Lowndes & Noxubee Allocation Process for Member Agencies was developed to assist donors in making sound giving decisions and to foster public confidence in United Way and its member agencies. This process seek to encourage fair and honest solicitation practices, promote ethical conduct, and encourage the use of best practices for organizational management. Certification also ensures consistency with United Way impact goals.

The certification process was developed over ten years ago by a committee including United Way staff, volunteers, and member agency representatives using successful models from around the county and nonprofit standards. It is reviewed and adjusted annually.

Agencies that comply with these standards have provided documentation that they meet basic standards:

  • In how they govern their organization,
  • In the effectiveness of their operations,
  • In the ways they spend their money, and
  • In the truthfulness of their representations.

Allocation Team Role

The Allocation Team is a group of approximately 16 community volunteers who carefully review the application and the agency's budget in the context of recent information about community needs and opportunities. The Allocation Team records preliminary scores and compose questions for the agencies. After a presentation by each agency, final allocation recommendations are forward to the United Way Executive Board for approval.

Allocation grants are based on an agency's capacity, the demand for its services, and its impact on the community. 

Allocations are determined separately from any other funding United Way might provide to member agencies, including designations, Emergency Food and Shelter Program funds, Donor Designated distributions, or special capacity-building grants.

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